Aurora Borealis Necklace

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Experience the wonder of the Aurora Borealis Necklace that is totally inspired by nature! 

The Sun’s charged particles collide with the atmosphere to form dazzling streaks of colors, flowing through the sky and radiating their magnificence. A shimmering crystal encapsulates these wonderful lights, resting delicately inside the sterling silver crown of this beautifully crafted Aurora Borealis Necklace.

Depending on the light, the crystal of Aurora Borealis Necklace produces vibrant halos of different colors, making this piece unique and deeply soothing. Besides, the design idea of this Aurora Borealis Necklace is particularly interesting that is inspired by the nature of the shining of the Sun. Most importantly, the Aurora Borealis Necklace is one of the best gift choices for your girlfriend or wife! 

  • Pendant Size: 12mm
  • Pendant Type: Gradient Aurora 
  • Chain Length: 55cm
  • Chain Type: 925 Sterling Silver