Feels Good Foot Pads

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These Feels Good Foot Pads will help your feet stay comfortable for heels. Simply put the foot pads on your feet and put your heels on. They are designed to absorb shock, absorb perspiration, and reduce friction. The soft and flexible material conforms to the shape of your feet so you can wear them with any style of shoes. They offer great support for both short- and long-term wear, making them the perfect product for people who need to be in heels all day!

  • You may have tried gel pads and other products, but our foot pads for calluses absorb pressure, last a lot longer and feel better.
  • Perfect for professional women who wear heels all day long as it allows you to walk comfortably in them.
  • Made of cotton material that doesn't irritate your skin on the go.

Size: 8.5*9.5cm, One size Only. You get 2 pairs so 4 total!